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Man Jumps In Front Of Semi Truck, Survives

Man Jumps In Front Of Semi Truck, Survives

A South Valley man is lucky to be alive after authorities say he jumped in front of a semi truck on Highway 41 to impress his friends.

Kings County Sheriff's Deputies say the man and his friends were drinking on River Road off Highway 41 near Lemoore around 2 a.m. Thursday.

The man got drunk, jumped the fence onto the highway, and started darting into traffic.

According to deputies, when the man saw a semi coming, he yelled "watch this" and jumped directly in front of the truck.

Incredibly, the man survived with just a broken leg.

When investigators asked the man why he did it, he said, "I was drunk and acting stupid, trying to scare my friends."

Moonbow in Yosemite

Moonbow in Yosemite
A picture of the moonbow taken Saturday night in Yosemite, compliments of the "Super moon".

Armona Man Accused of Drugging and Abusing Teenage Girls

Armona Man Accused of Drugging and Abusing Teenage Girls

Armona – Five girls are recovering after a terrifying night.

They claim one of the girls' father abused them and forced them to ingest methamphetamine.

32–year–old Michael Rodriguez was taken into custody after being tasered in front of his home on

Balm of Gilead Avenue, in Armona.

The neighbor that called 911 and the Kings County deputy that responded to the call describe the scene as very bizarre.

They found 5 girls running out of the house screaming for help, and Michael Rodriguez in the middle of the street, talking nonsense.

Deputies say all of them, except the youngest girl, were under the influence of methamphetamine.

"They told me that he shoved it in their mouth and closed their mouth and made them swallow it," said Jeanette Madrid.  She was the first person the girls ran to for help.